Moroccan handicrafts reflect the secular cultural wealth of the country and represent for it significant economic and social resources. Ancestral, utilitarian, manual and creative, Moroccan handicrafts are harboring today a new modernity. The tradition page is never turned, on the contrary, tradition is the catalyst of an art that keeps reinventing itself.

Rich and varied, Moroccan craftsmanship renews itself under the impulse of talented creators and artisans keen on revisiting the old techniques in order to reinvent a new craft at the crossroads of millennial art and modern design. A patronage that is obvious to a historical group, faithful to its past and open to its future, the approach of which is part of a double artistic and socio-economic challenge.

Flagship of its support approach to Moroccan artists, Galerie H is a space of Holmarcom Group dedicated to crafts and design. At the land floor of the Balzac Towers in Casablanca, the place is dedicated to promoting the works of craftsmen and their cooperation with Moroccan designers. Their common approach aims to draw traditional know-how towards modernity and revivify furniture, materials, objects and accessories, to preserve and project into the future the quintessence of our art of living.

Address: 181, boulevard d’Anfa – Casablanca (Land Floor of Atlanta and Sanad offices).
Phone: +212 5 22 394 394 / +212 522 31 07 01