The Galerie H is a space within the Holmarcom Group dedicated to design, serving as the flagship of its initiative to support Moroccan creators. Combining an exhibition and sales area with a concept store for design objects, this place aims to provide an inspiring and dynamic setting to promote Moroccan expertise in the field of creativity.

We firmly believe that Moroccan creativity draws its strength from our heritage and traditions. We are convinced that young designers are the custodians of this vision, capable of offering a fresh and committed perspective inspired by our heritage. Our mission is to illuminate and support emerging talents in Moroccan design who share our ethical and sustainable commitment. We provide them with a space for expression and visibility while also valuing their collaboration with local artisans.

Driven by Holmarcom, the Galerie H embodies the vision of a group firmly rooted in its heritage while being resolutely looking towards the future.

Address: 181, boulevard d’Anfa – Casablanca (Land Floor of AtlantaSanad office).
Phone: +212 5 22 394 394 / +212 6 64 161 933