Although Morocco achieved excellent results in hospital infrastructure, family planning and immunization in recent years, as well as a marked decrease in infant mortality rate, medical coverage is still insufficient, particularly in rural areas. Moreover, access to care remains difficult for poor populations and it is difficult for people with disabilities to find suitable care structures.

Being sensitive to these difficulties, Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation works for supporting projects aimed at improving access to health care, particularly for children and people with severe or chronic illnesses. It also supports awareness-raising actions in defense of major national medical causes.

The Foundation is also committed to fighting any form of exclusion and marginalization that can be suffered by people with disabilities, whether mental or physical. Hence, from school support to medical and socio-educational supervision, through the promotion of adapted sports activities and structures, the Foundation supports any action that can promote the social, educational and professional integration of people with special needs.


While the relationship between education and socio-economic development is no longer to be demonstrated, it is nonetheless clear that education in Morocco falls short of full achievement of its fundamental values of supporting individuals. The Moroccan education system has undoubtedly made progress in terms of widening access to schools, but progress still needs to be made in rural areas.

Aware of this problem, Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation has placed among its priorities encouraging children to access education as well as fighting school dropout. It is by acting on the causes that push children to leave school, particularly the lack of means, remoteness and academic failure, that the Foundation has chosen to contribute to the fight against this scourge, primarily affecting rural girls.

The Foundation is also committed to supporting projects aimed at providing for young people, especially in remote areas, centers delivering practical vocational training that facilitates integration into the professional world and reduces unemployment rate.

Rural World

The importance of agriculture for a country is no longer to be demonstrated. In Morocco, the agricultural sector is one of the pillars of the national economy and supports a large portion of the rural population. Despite the efforts made by the Kingdom to improve the living conditions of these populations, the rural world is still marked by poverty and precarity, accentuated by a deficit in infrastructure and social services.

Reacting to those facts, Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation has chosen to act in favor of poor populations in rural and remote areas by providing them with the means to improve their living conditions and to fight any form of marginalization.

In this context, the Foundation has set itself as priorities contributing to improving access to health care and fighting early school dropout, a scourge that encourages the use of child labor in farms.